Egg Donors

Give The Gift Of Impossible

Every egg donor creates opportunities for other couples to achieve what has been deemed impossible. You create the best chance for families to begin with your egg donation. We want to walk you through all the steps of how the egg donation process starts and what happens when it comes time for egg retrieval.

How Do I Become An Egg Donor?

Knowing the proper qualifications for becoming an egg donor is the start of the entire process. This will help you to know if this is the right decision for you. We are looking for women who are 19-29 years old, have a BMI under 30, and weigh less than 180 lbs.

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What Can I Expect With The Egg Donation Process?

All the correct information about the egg donor process is important information for you to have. Every step of the way is open and guided so you feel comfortable and confident about your decision to donate eggs. The process from start to finish will take 6-8 weeks to complete the 4 stages.

Screening Process

Once you’ve decided to give another couple the amazing opportunity to have a child, we have a process to make sure that it will be good for you and the people who will receive the donation. The process will start with us checking your AMH levels (Anti-Mullerian Hormone). This allows us to measure how many eggs you will be donating during your session.

Medical, Psychological Screening, & Legal Screening

Making sure that the egg donation process is going to be safe for you is our number one priority. We will perform a full physical examination, pelvic ultrasound, and blood screening. We will then proceed with doing a mental health check. Some cases may require legal help from an attorney that specializes in reproduction.

Pretreatment Donation Process

Our egg donation process requires that 3 weeks prior to you coming to the facility for the egg retrieval procedure, you will go on birth control pills. This will allow us to synchronize follicle growth. Doing so will create the best possible scenario for strong and mature eggs.

Final Stage

The final stage of the process will include a 10-day trip to beautiful San Diego, California. There, you will come in for 2-3 days of appointments at our world-renowned fertility clinic. Each day when you come you will inject yourself with hormone medications to stimulate your ovaries so mature eggs can be retrieved. From there we will go to the procedure of extracting the eggs which will take 10-20 minutes. During the procedure, you will be offered anesthesia so you will not experience any discomfort. Afterward, you will be monitored for 30-60 minutes and then you will be free to explore the rest of San Diego.

How Much Does An Egg Donor Get Paid?

Your Eggs offers a wonderful compensation of anything from $5,000 — $8,000 and experienced and proven donors are compensated from $8,000 — $20,000. This will be determined at the time that you come to the clinic and discuss all available options.

The Decisions Is Yours

We know that this is a big decision. If you have a desire to help a couple achieve having a baby, then you should consider being a donor. You can send your introduction video and photos to our amazing Egg Donor Coordinator.