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Welcome to YourEggs, one of the world’s largest fresh egg donor banks in the world! Based in Southern California, we work closely with top fertility centers to offer hope to those struggling to conceive. Since 2018, we’ve welcomed donors and intended parents from diverse backgrounds, including LGBTQIA+ individuals.
Our mission is to provide exceptional services to both egg donors and prospective parents. Donors receive top-notch care and generous compensation, while our inclusive (fresh or frozen) full and split cycle packages cater to clients worldwide.
From streamlined donor screening to open communication with parents, we’re committed to making the process stress-free. Whether using fresh or frozen eggs or a shared fresh cycle, we offer options to suit every need.
Egg donation can make a life-changing difference for those facing infertility. Contact YourEggs today to learn more about how we can help build your dream family.

Find Your Perfect Egg Donor

As one of the largest egg banks in the world, we take pride in providing inclusive and accessible treatment options to individuals from all walks of life. Our goal is to make the process as seamless and convenient as possible for everyone, whether you’re just beginning your fertility journey or seeking alternative options, YourEggs is here to offer you the compassionate support and comprehensive services you deserve. We’re honored to be part of your path to parenthood and look forward to helping you achieve your dreams of starting or growing your family.

Our Experience

Through our teams’ accumulative 20+ years of experience in the fertility care industry, we’ve recognized a significant gap in representation for those seeking egg donor services. We are constantly refining our process to focus on all types of intended parents and egg donors, with a special emphasis on supporting international and LGBTQIA+ families. We’re dedicated to ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds can reach their dream of starting a family with the help of our services and our compassionate team. With over 2,000+ available egg donors to choose from, we guarantee a swift match, so you can begin your journey to parenthood without delay.

Our Mission

The Mission of YourEggs is simple: to provide the finest care to our egg donors, our intended parents, and our associated fertility centers. To do this, we provide unique solutions that promote the success of an inclusive and diverse community of intended parents and egg donors.

Your Journey Matters

We understand the heartache, uncertainty, and longing that accompany fertility journeys. Our team members bring not only professional expertise, but also empathy and understanding from personal experience, family members, and our patients who’ve gone through these treatments. We know firsthand the highs and lows, the hopes and disappointments that come with fertility treatments. This deep empathy drives us to provide compassionate support and guidance to every intended parent who walks through our doors. You can trust that at YourEggs, you’ll find a team that not only understands your journey but also walks alongside you every step of the way to helping you achieve your dream of building a family.

High Quality Egg Donors

At YourEggs, we’re proud to offer one of the largest fresh donor databases worldwide. With over 100,000+ applicants and a rigorous approval process, we present our Intended Parents with a selection of 2,000+ active donor candidates, with new prospects joining us weekly. We take pride in our approval process, ensuring that only the most qualified donors are accepted into our database. With our high standards, we maintain an impressive approval rate of just 2%. This means that our Intended Parents can trust that each candidate has undergone thorough in depth-screening, background checks, and meets your standards for a match.

Cycle Options

When it comes to options, we’ve got you covered. Whether you prefer fresh or frozen eggs, want to use all or just some of the eggs your donor creates, or decide on the location of your donor’s cycle, we give you full control. You can have your donor complete her entire cycle at your fertility clinic, opt for frozen eggs delivery, or even have your embryo created and transported directly to your chosen fertility center for an embryo transfer. We also have programs for you to choose from, like our Success Guarantee Program, or unlimited Transfer Program. The choice is entirely yours!

Your Dream is Just A Match Away

Our main goal at YourEggs is to help Intended Parents like you find your ideal egg donor. Let us be your partner in this journey, offering support and guidance while you find your perfect match on your own timeline. Contact us when you’re ready to take the next step toward fulfilling your dream of parenthood.