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Egg banking is invaluable if you want to preserve your future fertility or need to use a surrogate to have children. With offices in San Diego and Newport Beach, California, the highly trained egg donation experts at YourEggs arrange specialized egg cryopreservation for intended parents. The freezing techniques used by the egg bank offer the best chance of conception after thawing. To learn how you could benefit from egg banking, call YourEggs today or book a consultation online.

Egg Banking Q&A

What is egg banking?

Egg banking is a method of preserving a woman’s eggs for future use. The process YourEggs labs use (oocyte cryopreservation) involves freezing the eggs after collection.

These specialized labs use advanced techniques that ensure an egg has a good chance of being viable after thawing.

Why might I need egg banking?

Egg banking has two primary uses: Preserving fertility

Sometimes women face choices that mean delaying starting a family. One common issue is avoiding the need to take time out from a career at a critical stage. Or, a woman might prefer to wait before conceiving if she has a challenging or demanding job, such as being in the armed forces.

For other women, challenges may relate to their family circumstances, such as having a parent to care for. Other times women haven’t found a partner they want to start a family with but choose not to be single parents.

Health problems are also a significant factor in choosing egg banking. For example, if you have cancer, you may want to preserve your eggs to avoid treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy from making you infertile. Surrogacy

Many people are unable to have children using their own eggs. They may be infertile or have health issues that could affect a child. Lacking eggs is often a problem for LGBTQIA+ people who want to have children. Surrogacy involves using a carefully screened surrogate who carries the baby for you.

Gestational surrogacy uses donated eggs or sperm. The surrogate undergoes an embryo implantation procedure following in vitro fertilization (IVF), then nurtures the baby until birth. At this point, the intended parents take over.

Egg banking with YourEggs is a safe, effective way of preserving your eggs or donated eggs for gestational surrogacy.

What does egg banking involve?

The first stage in egg banking is to maximize the number of viable eggs the woman produces in one cycle. This requires ovulation induction (controlled ovarian hyperstimulation), where women take hormones to increase the number of eggs that reach maturity.

When the eggs are mature, the woman undergoes an egg retrieval procedure, and the collected eggs undergo a flash-freezing process called vitrification. The frozen eggs are then available whenever you need them.

To learn more about egg banking, call YourEggs today or book an appointment online.

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