How Family Planning Can Benefit You When the Time Is Right
Dec 01, 2022
How Family Planning Can Benefit You When the Time Is Right

Family planning is a way to consider how many children you and your partner want, and how and when you want to have them. A lot can go into it, but setting up those goals greatly benefits you and your partner.

At YourEggs in the Torrey Pines/Del Mar area of San Diego and in Newport Beach, California, our team helps you through the family planning process.

Determine your goals

It is important to decide exactly what your goals are and what you want from family planning services. While there are three primary goals of traditional family planning, you also have your own personal goals.

The primary goals of family planning are:

  • Reducing infertility rates
  • Reducing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Avoiding unintended pregnancies

Alongside those primary goals, you also want to decide how many kids you want in total and what needs to be done to have those children should you have infertility challenges or have an LGBTQIA+ relationship.

YourEggs is an egg donor agency that helps everyone achieve their goals of having a family through egg donation services.

Family planning also involves deciding when in life you want to have your children. This determination can depend on various factors, of course, such as finding the right partner, your financial situation, career, or schooling, among others.

Women can also work with YourEggs to freeze their own eggs and have more power over when they decide to conceive, using the preserved eggs as part of infertility treatments later in life.

Benefits of family planning with egg donors

Much of family planning revolves around contraceptives and infertility treatment, depending on what you need. If both parties are fertile, then you need to use contraceptives to prevent pregnancy until you’re ready to have a child.

On the other hand, if one or both parties are infertile or you’re in a same-sex relationship, infertility treatments including egg donors may help to facilitate the birth of a child.

Egg donation can aid male couples who are looking to add children to their family, and women with health conditions such as multiple failed in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, premature ovarian failure, or poor-quality eggs that prevent natural conception.

Women over age 40 also benefit from egg donation services because older eggs are more likely to carry genetic anomalies and less likely to result in an embryo.

Young women who aren’t ready to have children can freeze their eggs using a cutting-edge cryopreservation technique at YourEggs that allows them to have a baby later in life using their preserved eggs.

Further, egg donation includes choosing the characteristics you want in an egg donor. You can choose someone you know or select an anonymous donor.

If you’re ready to start planning your family and set a clear path for you and your partner to ensure the best start for your family, contact our team at one of our offices in Torrey Pines/Del Mar, San Diego, or Newport Beach, California.

We can’t wait to help you begin your family planning journey today!