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Your Eggs san diego: LGBTq+ IVF Programs

At YourEggs, we work with and for all people to experience the joy of becoming parents. we want you to know we hear you, we see you and we are here to support you in this process of family planning. We embrace the opportunity to help you create a family, and we know that having a biological connection can be extremely important to LGBTQ+ families

There have been a significant amount of barriers to family building that are specific to same sex couples. Thankfully at this time, these are being removed, allowing for lesbian couples and gay couples, as well as single individuals and transgender individuals, to create their families.

LGBTQ+ IVF Options

Individuals in the LGBTQ+ community can participate in exploring fertility options. For couples or individuals who can carry the pregnancy, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI) are available options.

For in vitro fertilization, the treatment plan includes creating an embryo outside of the body, either with donor eggs or the removed eggs from the intended parent, combined with donor sperm. As one of the largest egg banks in the world, YourEggs provides some of the best care to work with your egg retrieval and with egg donors and sperm donors.

Once the resulting embryos are made in vitro, outside of a womb by fertility clinics, they can be implanted into the parent, whether they are single or in a couple. From this point, the pregnancy continues just like any other.

In many lesbian couples, co-in vitro fertilization, also known as reciprocal IVF, is utilized so that both partners can participate in pregnancy. For this, the eggs of one partner are used in the egg retrieval, are fertilized in vitro, and are implanted in the other partner who will carry the embryo to birth.

Intrauterine insemination is simply fertilization that occurs inside the uterus. For lesbian couples or individual women, the partner who will carry the pregnancy will receive donor sperm placed directly into her uterus by fertility specialists. Single female individuals can also utilize IUI as a traditional surrogate, using their own eggs. Frozen sperm from a sperm bank is the best way to utilize this, and the fertility clinic can help you determine the donor who best meets your situation.

Once a fetus develops, the pregnancy is completely normal. The main difference between this process and fertility treatment for heterosexual or same-sex male couples is that sperm donation is required in all cases.

Surrogacy Male and Non-Carrier Options

For individuals who can’t carry the pregnancy, there are family building options to be able to have children you are genetically related to. For gay men and non-carrier individuals, utilizing surrogacy is the best method of having a baby.

For these situations, individuals will work with an egg donor. Couples decide on the egg source, whether from a donor through egg freezing or from an individual through IUI.

In gestational surrogacy, the gestational carrier receives an embryo without any of her own genetic material that she will carry for the intended parents. Many areas have strict regulations for gestational carrier volunteers, including infectious disease testing, medical history examinations, and age requirements, to have the best chance at a successful pregnancy.

At YourEggs, we have made connections with surrogacy agencies to ensure you have the best quality care possible in getting matched with a surrogate who is perfect for your situation. For gestational surrogacy, you can have a family member act as the surrogate and carry the in vitro fertilized eggs, or you can choose from a huge list of vetted surrogate candidates.

In traditional surrogacy, a surrogate will carry an embryo made of her own eggs and the intended parent’s sperm. In this situation, there can be more legal issues as the carrier also has a biological connection to the baby. Individuals with a very close relationship with someone able to carry a child, who are comfortable with this, can most benefit from this method.

Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatments are always an option for male and female individuals, regardless of their orientation. Many individuals experience infertility, and receiving help with this is what we are here to do. Whether this means female couples needing to work with an egg donor, male couples working with a sperm donor, or single individuals with trouble conceiving, the options of in vitro fertility treatment or surrogacy are always available.

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YourEggs Is Here For You

Regardless of your sexual orientation, there are family building options for you. We are proud that there are options for the full spectrum of non-traditional families to have parental rights and develop their own journey.

All our patients who come from a variety of backgrounds have found compassionate care on their fertility journey through YourEggs. We are proud to be recognized as one of the top egg donation facilities in the county with a diverse clientele that includes many in the LGBTQ+ community. We’re ready to support you in your desire to become a parent. Our high success rates and warm, caring environment make us the agency of choice for those in this community looking to start or expand a family.

The Decisions Is Yours

We know that this is a big decision. If you have a desire to help a couple achieve having a baby, then you should consider being a donor. You can send your introduction video and photos to our amazing Egg Donor Coordinator.



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