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A split cycle can be a cost-effective way of using donated eggs for in vitro fertilization (IVF). With offices in San Diego and Newport Beach, California, the dedicated egg donation experts at YourEggs coordinate various egg donation options. These include split cycles, where you share the eggs your donor produces with one or two other families. To learn more about the benefits of choosing the split cycle option, call YourEggs today or book a consultation online.

Split Fresh Cycle Q&A

What is a split cycle?

In egg donation, a split cycle is where you choose how many eggs to purchase rather than having the entire batch (as you would with a full cycle).

The egg donor you select goes through exactly the same process as they would for a full cycle. They inject hormones that encourage all the eggs in that cycle to mature at the same time, then undergo an extraction procedure.

At this point, intended parents who choose full cycle treatment have the option of using as many eggs as they need and freezing the remainder for later use. With a split cycle, you pay for the number of eggs you want.

Six is the average quantity for a split cycle, which currently costs around $25,000 to $26,000. This includes the six eggs, all the lab fees, and preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) tests to check the embryo for any abnormalities.

What happens to the rest of the eggs from a split cycle batch?

Split cycles are often used for shared egg donation (sometimes called a split or tag along egg donor cycle). In this procedure, the YourEggs team matches a single egg donor with two or more sets of intended parents.

Most egg donors produce far more eggs than one set of intended parents needs for an IVF treatment. The average number of eggs most donors provide in one cycle is around 24 (of which 21 are likely to be mature and viable).

Six mature eggs typically offer an excellent chance of successful conception, so an egg donor’s cycle could provide sufficient eggs for two or even three sets of intended parents.

What advantages does a split cycle offer?

A split cycle might be a more economical choice for many intended parents. It offers a good chance of a successful pregnancy if you choose to have six eggs. However, if you’re on a more limited budget, you could opt for three or four eggs and still have a great chance of becoming parents.

For egg donors, a split cycle offers you a chance to bring joy to even more childless people, with up to three families potentially benefiting from each split cycle.

To find out more and see if a split cycle is right for you, call YourEggs today or book an appointment online.

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