The Uniqueness of YourEggs: A Leading Egg Donor Agency
Jul 26, 2023
The Uniqueness of YourEggs: A Leading Egg Donor Agency

We are thrilled to share with you some insights from a recent interview between Dionne and Dr. Marc Sklar, ambassadors for YourEggs, a unique and forward-thinking donor agency with one of the largest donor banks in the world. YourEggs is not only leading the way in egg donation but also in providing top-tier service to intended parents. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this agency stand out.  Please follow the link to see the full interview.


Finding Your Unique Egg Donation Agency

1. Fresh vs. Frozen Cycle Options

The first thing that sets YourEggs apart is the ability to choose from a fresh or frozen cycle. A full fresh cycle refers to when intended parents use all of the eggs from their chosen donor. This maximizes their chances of successful conception, especially for couples that wish to have a large family or multiple children who share the same biological connection.

Another option is the split fresh cycle, which offers cost savings. Intended parents can choose to use a set number of eggs (like 6, 9, or 12) from that cycle, while the remaining eggs are made available to another couple who loves the same donor, or they can be frozen for future use by the original donor or added to the agency’s egg bank.

The frozen cycle option allows intended parents to choose from an array of eggs already stored in the egg bank. This saves time as parents can begin their fertility journey immediately without waiting for a fresh cycle to happen. All these options provide the intended parents with the flexibility they need, not only financially and timing-wise, but also in choosing the right donor.

2. 24/7 Support Team

Secondly, YourEggs is committed to providing constant communication and a supportive team throughout the entire process. The fertility journey can be emotionally taxing, especially for individuals or couples who have experienced failed IVF cycles. YourEggs has a wonderful team of specialists, many of whom have personal experience with egg donation, providing 24/7 personalized care to ensure that intended parents feel supported throughout their journey.

The team communicates constantly with the intended parents to keep them informed at every step of the process. This includes updates on the donor’s progress, the schedule for the next steps, and answers to any queries that the intended parents may have.

3. Mobile App

The third unique aspect of YourEggs is the mobile app. This user-friendly app lets users interact with the agency, choose their donors, and communicate with the team. Much like a dating app, users can swipe left or right for donors they are interested in and learn more about each donor by going deeper into their profiles.

The app also allows intended parents to filter donors based on various characteristics, such as physical attributes, medical history, educational background, hobbies, and interests. On the flip side, the app also allows potential donors to quickly apply to become an egg donor, making the process streamlined and efficient for all parties involved.

YourEggs is an excellent choice for intended parents and potential egg donors alike. We offer an impressive array of options, constant communication, and an easy-to-use mobile app that ensures a smooth and comfortable journey for all.

To learn more, you can download the YourEggs app from the App Store or visit to begin your unique fertility journey.