Understanding the Difference Between a Full Cycle and a Split Cycle
Apr 03, 2023
Understanding the Difference Between a Full Cycle and a Split Cycle

Choosing in vitro fertilization (IVF) can make all the difference for some people who are unable or unlikely to have children on their own.

Looking at one demographic, a 40-plus-year-old woman who is relying on just her own eggs has only a 7.2% chance of pregnancy in each IVF cycle. When using donor eggs, the success rate approaches 50%.

So when you’ve decided to have IVF with donor eggs, your next important decision is whether to use a full cycle or split cycle of eggs from your donor. Both have pros and cons, and it’s essential to thoroughly understand each type of IVF.

At YourEggs, serving the Del Mar and Torrey Pines areas in San Diego and Newport Beach, California, our experienced team offers split-cycle and full-cycle IVF.

Full cycles

When choosing a full cycle for IVF, you can access all of the mature eggs your egg donor produces. Normally, only one egg matures during a natural ovulation cycle, but the egg donation process helps ensure that multiple eggs mature.

The benefit of a full cycle is that you can use or store some or all of the eggs in that cycle, giving you more options for your IVF treatment. However, undergoing a full cycle can be much more expensive, with a full cycle running $25,000 or more.

Split cycles

A split cycle for IVF is when you share the eggs from a donor’s cycle with one or two other families undergoing IVF. With the split cycle, you get to choose how many eggs you want for your IVF treatment.

Fewer eggs lessens the chances of successful treatment than a full cycle, but on the other hand, split cycle IVF is a much more economical choice if you have a smaller budget. The option enables more couples to access the treatment.

You generally receive six eggs in a split cycle, but if you have a lower budget, you can choose to go with 3-4 eggs.

Should I choose a full or split cycle?

The bottom line, then, in deciding between a full cycle or split cycle for IVF treatment, may start with the family’s bottom line. If you have access to larger sources of funds, a full cycle is the best option with the highest rates of success. You can also explore options for financing the cost.

If you have a lower budget, then a split-cycle is the best choice. Split-cycle IVF offers a good chance of success, though you must accept the heightened risk of a failed IVF cycle because fewer eggs are involved.

At YourEggs, serving the Torrey Pines and Del Mar areas of San Diego and Newport Beach, California, our experienced team can help you decide between choosing a split cycle or a full cycle. Schedule an appointment online if you are ready to begin your IVF journey.