What Is the Best Age to Freeze Your Eggs?
Jan 11, 2023
What Is the Best Age to Freeze Your Eggs?

Many people want to have a baby but, for one reason or another, can’t get pregnant. Age can play a large part, but one option you have is to freeze your eggs when you’re younger so you can get pregnant in later years by using the fertile and high-quality eggs of your earlier years.

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How age affects fertility

Pregnancy is a difficult process that can take its toll on the body, so it’s usually a good idea to try to have children when you’re in your best overall health. While new medical practices and technology have improved the age range for birth, the quality and number of your eggs both decrease over the years.

You’re born with a limited amount of eggs, and the number of viable eggs available for egg freezing lessens as you age. Thus, women’s fertility tends to decline as soon as their late 20s and early 30s, with a rapid, drastic drop after the age of 35. It becomes doubtful that a pregnancy will happen without fertility treatments after the age of 40.

Best biological age to freeze your eggs

The best biological age to freeze your eggs is in your 20s. Still, a few factors go into whether you should freeze them during that time period.

Most doctors rarely recommend you freeze your eggs while in your 20s because you may not know whether you’ll need them. So, unless you have a health issue like chemotherapy, an autoimmune disease, or sickle cell anemia that could cause fertility problems, it’s typically better to wait until you’re a bit older.

The second factor to consider is the total price of storing your eggs until you’re ready to use them. While the price differs depending on where you live and the clinic you work with for the egg-freezing process, you can expect it to cost you around $500 a year to store the eggs until you’re ready to use them.

So, while your 20s is the biological best age to freeze your eggs, doctors recommend you freeze your eggs between the ages of 30-34; the eggs will still be a higher quality, and there’s a higher chance you’ll use them in the future.

Getting started

Freezing your eggs is a great way to have biological children even when you’re older or suffer from fertility problems.

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