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A full cycle offers one of the best chances of successful in vitro fertilization (IVF), because you can use all the eggs your donor produces during a single cycle. With offices in San Diego and Newport Beach, California, the highly experienced egg donation team at YourEggs offers intended parents a choice of purchasing some or all of their selected donor’s eggs. To learn more about the benefits of choosing the full cycle option, call YourEggs today or book a consultation online. 

Full Cycle Q&A

What is a full cycle?
Egg donation involves retrieving mature eggs from the donor you decide is the best fit for your family. The full cycle option YourEggs offers allows you to have all the eggs your donor produces.
A healthy woman of reproductive age ovulates every four weeks, releasing a mature egg ready for sperm to fertilize. This is her cycle, which ends either with pregnancy or menstruation (if the egg isn’t fertilized). The pattern repeats every 28 days, or about 12 times a year.
In most cases, only one egg ovulates (is released into the uterus) each month from the small group that begins to mature. Any immature eggs break down and disappear. When someone donates their eggs, they undergo a procedure to ensure that many more eggs reach maturity.

What treatment does an egg donor undergo?
Your egg donor injects themself with hormone medications that encourage all the eggs in one cycle’s group to mature properly and at the same time. That way, rather than having only one egg to collect each month, you should get multiple eggs.
The YourEggs team has considerable experience in prescribing the most suitable and effective medications for egg donors. They base your egg donor’s treatment plan on their medical history, age, and AMH (anti-müllerian hormone) levels.
If they’ve donated eggs previously, your provider can also use information about the donor’s response to ovarian stimulation.
YourEggs is one of the leading egg donation clinics worldwide, ensuring your donor produces many high-quality, healthy, mature eggs in each cycle.

Why should I choose full-cycle egg donation?
The advantage of full-cycle egg donation is that you keep all the eggs from a specific cycle. You can use some right away for yourself or a gestational surrogate to undergo IVF. Then, you keep the rest so you could enlarge your family more easily in the future.
YourEggs carefully preserve any eggs from the full cycle that you don’t wish to use now. They employ advanced cryopreservation (freezing) techniques that ensure your eggs stay viable.
The current full-cycle egg donation cost is around $25,000 but could be higher. The intended parents determine the egg donor’s compensation, clinic fee, and travel expenses.
To learn more about the full-cycle egg donation option, call YourEggs today or book an appointment online.

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