Benefits of Split Cycle IVF
Feb 16, 2023
Benefits of Split Cycle IVF

When pursuing in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, split cycle IVF can be perfect for those who may not have the finances to go with full cycle egg donations. Split cycle IVF allows YourEggs to increase the number of families who can benefit from access to IVF treatments.

At YourEggs in Torrey Pines/Del Mar in San Diego and in Newport Beach, California, our experienced infertility specialists want you to know the benefits of split cycle IVF and how it can benefit couples and egg donors.

What is split cycle IVF?

Split cycle IVF describes purchasing fewer eggs than come in a full cycle, which is an entire batch.

The egg donor process is the same, with donors undergoing injections and taking steps to increase the likelihood of producing viable eggs, but any eggs you don’t buy can be shared with other families looking to conceive, or the eggs can be frozen for future IVF treatments.

Financial costs are lower

It costs $25,000-$26,000 for a split cycle of six eggs, which covers egg donations, preimplantation genetic screenings, and lab fees. If you can’t afford the cost of full cycle IVF, a split cycle provides the same high success rates while saving money.

Typically six eggs are chosen to offer the highest success rate, but if you’re on a tighter budget, three or four eggs can still offer a good chance of conceiving while reducing your expenses.

Donating your own eggs

If you’re harvesting your own eggs for your IVF treatment, any eggs not needed for your IVF can be donated to other couples through split cycle IVF to help reduce your costs.

During IVF treatment, around 10-12 eggs are harvested, but 1-2 embryos are normally transferred to the recipient’s uterus. You can choose to freeze or donate your remaining eggs.

Up to three families can benefit

Since most egg donors will produce more eggs than an intended family can use with an average of 21 mature and fertile eggs, split cycle IVF can be perfect for making good use of those additional eggs.

With split cycle IVF, up to three families can benefit from a single egg donation, allowing egg donors to reach more families and finally give them a chance to conceive a child.

If you want to learn more about split cycle IVF treatments and the options available, call one of our offices in San Diego and Newport Beach, California, or book an appointment online today.