Unlocking the Potential of Fresh and Frozen Egg Donation with YourEggs
Nov 29, 2023
Unlocking the Potential of Fresh and Frozen Egg Donation with YourEggs

Today, we’re excited to share insights from a recent interview with Dr. Sklar and Dionne. They delve into the critical decision-making process for intended parents considering fresh or frozen egg donation cycles. This discussion is especially relevant for those exploring family-building options through egg donation.

Understanding Fresh vs. Frozen Cycles:

    • Fresh Cycles: Often preferred by intended parents, fresh cycles involve the donor producing eggs specifically for the recipient, with an average yield of about 21 mature eggs. This option allows parents to use some eggs for their first child and freeze the rest for future family expansion.
    • Frozen Cycles: These offer immediate availability of eggs, which is a significant advantage for those wanting to start their family as soon as possible. While the selection might be slightly smaller than in fresh cycles, YourEggs boasts a large database of both fresh and frozen egg donors.
    • Success Rates and Technological Advances:
    • YourEggs has achieved impressive success rates, generally over 85% in donor egg cycles.
    • Advances in freezing techniques, particularly vitrification, have narrowed the success rate gap between fresh and frozen cycles. YourEggs reports a remarkable 98% thaw rate, showcasing the efficacy of modern preservation methods.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency:
    • A significant aspect of frozen cycles is their cost-effectiveness and time efficiency. Intended parents can bypass the synchronization of cycles required in fresh donations, making the process faster and often more affordable.
  • Diverse Family Building Options:
    • YourEggs provides options tailored to a variety of family structures, including male-male couples seeking biological connection with their children through egg donation.
  • Shared Risk and Refund Programs:
    • YourEggs offers shared risk programs, providing reassurance and financial options for intended parents. These programs can offer refunds or credits for subsequent cycles if the initial attempt does not result in a successful pregnancy.

Whether it’s a fresh or frozen egg donation cycle, the choice depends on various factors, including timing, cost, and personal preferences. YourEggs is committed to providing intended parents with comprehensive options, high success rates, and supportive programs to make their journey towards parenthood a fulfilling and less stressful experience.

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